6 way to help keep you and your family organized! (maybe)

OrganizedIs your family as busy as mine? Running kids to practice and games, working full time jobs, school events. When do we have time to eat or sleep 😴 ( I do love to sleep)

Here are 6 ways that help stay organized on your daily routines.

  1.  Cozi App – Meal plan ahead of time then utalize the app to have everyone put a grocery list together so items are not missed or forgotten. Utalize your local curbside shopping, to save on time. (altough the app can do more, we only use for this fetaure)
  2. A calender on fridge and/or app- I am trying a new called Timepage and a dry erase calender that lets everyone know who is picking up kids, and where everyone is going.
  3. Routine Cards are great so that nothing is missed, in the mornings when everyone is rushing around . Check out Laurens over at the Miltary wife and mom.
  4.  Remind app for School and Sports ( this is great for Teachers/ coaches to communicate things going on at school or games/practices).
  5. Alexa/Google- We utalize this to help set reminders and to-do list for family or self. Everything from a scheduled event to, dont forget to warm up kiddos lunch in the morning.
  6. Create a 6 most important list daily. Put the 6 most important things to do for the day. Anything you didnt get done day prior goes to the top of the next days most importnat.

Do you or your family use anything you absoutly love to stay organized?

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